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July 22, 2009



Hey Lee:

this is Corina I have been working with bicultural identity issues and I always find it useful to site numbers of how this segment of the population is growing and how that translates into how fast is changing the american society. There is a book called "children of immigration" by Suarez Orozco (harvard educational pyschologist and anthropologist) check the first 2 chapters and get those numbers and concepts, I think it could be a good punch to open your presentation.

Can I go to see you at HBO? how can I get in?

Corina Hoffman

Eliza Esquivel

If you weave in the Obama mutt comment and I'll buy you a cerveza ;)

Richard Rodriguez on Obama on multi-racial identities



corina, thanks. i'll take a look. it's not a presentation, i'm part of a panel w/ a few other people, but admission is free. just show up! i'd love to see you...

eliza, as for your comment, i'll have you know i've used far more derogatory terms to describe people like us w/ hyphenate identities, so i'm sure i can work in 'mutt'

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